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Eric Claptons Freunde doch aller Menschen Feinde

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Green Grows The Laurel

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1.    Once I had a sweatheart but now I have none,
he’s gone and he’s left me, I’m here and allone.
And since he has left me containt I must be.
I know he loves somewhere far better than me.

Refr.: Green grows the laurel and soft falls the dew.
    Sad was my heart, when I’m parted from you.
    And in your next meeting I’ll hope you proof through.
    Never change the green laurel for the red, white and blue.

2.    I wrote him a letter so loving and kind.
He wrote me an other with sharpe bitter lines.
Saying: Keep your love letters and I will keep mine.
And you write to your love and I write to mine.


3.    He passes my window both early and late,
and the looks that he gives me would make my heart break.
The looks that he gives me ten thousand would kill.
Though he hates and ditests me I love that lad still.


4.    Now often I wonder why maidens love men,
and often I wonder why young men love them.
But from my own knowledge I will have you know,
the men are deceivers wherever they go.