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Eric Claptons Freunde doch aller Menschen Feinde

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Paddys Green Shamrock Shore

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Oh farethee well to Ireland, my own dear native land.
It breaks my heart to see friends part. For its then that the tear drops fall.
I’m on my way to Amerkikay. Will I ever see home once more.
For now I leave my own true love. And Paddys Green Shamrock Shore.

Two of our anchors we did weigh before we left the quay.
Down the river we were towed till we came to Botany Bay.
We saw that night the grandest night we ever saw before.
The sun  going down tween sea and sky far from the Shamrock shore. 

From Londonderry we did sail, it being on the fourth of May.
Pleasant weather I’m sure we ad going to America.
Fresh water then we did take in, one hundred tons or more.
For fear we’d  be short on the other side, far from the Shamrock shore. 

Early next morning we were sea-sick all, not one of us was free.
I, myself was confined to bed with no one to pity me.
No father or no mother to raise my head when sor.
That made me think of the friends I left on the lonely Shamrock shore. 

We landet safely in New York after four and twentya days.
Each comrade by the hand we took and we marched through different ways.
Each one drank a flowing glass as we might meet no more.
With flowing bumpers we drank a health to the lonely Shamrock shore.